Our Market Research Helps Our Clients Decrease The Cost To Acquire New Customers And Increases Repeat Sales and Referrals

Does your business need:

  • A process that will improve the quality of your leads

  • A system to qualify your leads

  • Multiple offers for different types of clients

  • Marketing automation to leverage your time

  • Sales funnel that automatically follows up and collects payments?

Does your business need:

  • A process that will improve the quality of your leads

  • A system to qualify your leads

  • Multiple offers for different types of clients

  • Marketing automation to leverage your time

  • Sales funnels that automatically follows up and collects payments?

The 5 Biggest Marketing Research Mistakes Made

Before Building Winning Marketing Campaigns

The 5 Biggest Marketing Research Mistakes Made Before Building Winning Marketing Campaigns

  • Not Completing Competitor Research of Their Offers, Ads, or SEO Strategy

  • Not Mapping the 8 steps in the Customer Journey

  • Not having a deep understanding about their target audience AND customer avatar

  • Not having a plan for generating leads, closing sales, and building the customer relationship based on research

Our Customer Value Journey Assessment is Marketing Research That Will Help avoid all of these mistakes when building marketing campaigns

The Biggest And Best Benefits Of Marketing Research

And Building A Customer Value Journey

  • Improves the effectiveness of marketing messages to specific audiences

  • Gain clarity on your audiences search phrases and keywords they use to look for you

  • Look at your competitors offers, ad strategy and look for way to be more unique

  • Map out the 8 stages of your customer value journey

  • Develop your cold, medium and hot prospect content that will convert them into a warm lead

  • Design your sales process

  • Determine the best process for onboarding clients

  • Plan out your repeat sales, referrals and testimony processes

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"Very professional provides explanations on the things that need to be done to achieve our end goals. Very open with ideas and very visual, which we like. Highly recommendable."



"He spent a lot of time listening and paying attention to my business wants and needs for this funnel and was super mindful of the timeline and budget provided. Super responsive and his knowledge of marketing has really helped me to more effectively deliver my message to my audience in a more efficient and effective way. Very detail oriented. I have no hesitations recommending him and his team!"


Entrepreneur- Multiple businesses

"Was great at grabbing ahold of concepts quickly and able to understand the long-term goals and how to get there. It has condensed my efforts into utilizing one solid agency with much to offer."


Real Estate SAAS

"It was a pleasure working with Jeremy and his team. Definitely going to hire him again."


Self Improvement Coach

"Jeremy is the best talent I've ever worked with! Extremely professional, personable, and caring. He will take you to the top if you let him. Amazing work ethic and really cares for his clients. I've already recommended him to all my friends. He's the real deal."


Health and Wellness Coach

"Jeremy and his team were able to take my business through the crawl, walk, run stages with confidence. A must-hire if you want to take your business to the next level."

Everything You Need To Build An Unstoppable Business, Without The Hype

  • Build out your Offers with the best price strategy

  • Organize your funnel steps with proven systems

  • Incorporate follow-up automation

  • Improve the overall customer experience

  • Plan your traffic strategy

  • Determine the best lead magnet offers

  • Plan our low, medium and high prices sales funnel offers

  • Map out your follow up process for getting sales, repeat sales, referrals and affiliates

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Our Guarantee To You and Your Business

After you sign up for a Marketing Research program, we strive to help you:

  • Reduce lead costs, increase your profits, organize your leads and sales process

  • Increase the strength of your current offers and sales processes

  • Improve your customer's experience with you and your company.

If you aren’t happy after we have completed a substantial amount of work with some type of measurable goal, we will work to ensure that you are.

If we are striving to hit a certain goal, and haven't hit it within 3 months of working on your project, we will help you optimize your campaign until your goals are achieved!

Terms and Conditions may apply

Warning: This offer CVJ won’t last!

If you are an entrepreneur and want to:

  • Attract and nurture better leads

  • Convert more sales and generate repeat sales

  • Improve customer relations and get more testimonies and referrals

Let's get started on your CVJ Assessment!

We only accepting a select number of clients to work with, so we can ensure we have dedicated time with you.

Time Is Running Out, So Don’t Wait

Due to our current workload, the CVJ price won’t stay this low for long

Considering you are getting

  • Competitor research and information on their ad campaigns on Facebook and google
  • Offer strategies that are being used by other industry leaders
  • And a wireframe map for your customer value journey, the Email automation, and ad strategies

You are getting a Great deal on a program that is so competitively priced. This customer value journey is an extremely great deal in the these that it will save you time, money and stress and also help you increase your effectiveness when building marketing campaigns, and also reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your average customer lifetime value. In a nutshell, you’ll lower lead costs and increase profits.

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