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The #1 -Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) for entreprenuers

It’s time to scale using CRMs and customer value optimization. Are you ready?

It’s time to scale using CRMs and customer value optimization. Are you ready?

Scale Your Operations

Are you a consultant, coach, business, or entrepreneur looking to scale your marketing, sales, or business development? Are you limited by your current resources?

If you're having difficulty staying personal with your growing customer base, keeping current and usable data, or experiencing any other problem that's getting in the way of reaching your full potential, a comprehensive CRM may be just what you need.

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Accurate Data You Can Use to Grow

As a business, you're constantly dealing with data from all kinds of different sources. Depending on how many apps, software, and platforms are involved in your operations, you might be dealing with disparate data from dozens of different sources simultaneously—all on a daily basis at that.

In an ideal world, you would have a pair of qualified eyes receiving and actioning every single set of data you receive, but for a lot of businesses, this simply isn't a possibility. For startups and small-to-mid-sized businesses with limited resources, the amount of data being received often overwhelms the number of people available to deal with it. As a result, not only is data not used to its full potential, but it's also often subject to mishandling and errors. And if there's one thing that can severely halt the growth of a business, it's inaccurate data.

Fortunately, CRMs can be a saving grace for these businesses. With all data being automatically funneled into one place, not only is it more likely to be more accurate (and therefore useable), but it's much much easier to manage. At a glance, or with a couple of simple keystrokes, you see the full spectrum of the customer journey. This allows you to more easily see where your opportunities are, how well you’re interacting with leads and customers, trends in your sales and customer service efforts, and more.

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More Affordable and Personalized Outreach

As you acquire more customers, it can be difficult to stay as personal as when you were first starting out. After all, it's much easier, and less time-consuming, to send personalized emails to 100 people than it is to 1,000 people.

This is because accurate personalized outreach requires the constant upkeep of the most recent information about every single one of your customers — a task that only grows more complicated the bigger your business gets.

While it's certainly possible to maintain this upkeep with a dedicated staff, this comes with a cost—a much higher cost than if you were to simply use a CRM instead. With a CRM, you can automatically stay up-to-date on all information surrounding your customers, market, and industry.

You can then easily connect this data to automated email campaigns, for example. This ensures that every audience within your customer base receives emails that are relevant and useful specifically to them—all without any manual input required.

You can even go a step further with drip email campaigns. This feature in our CRM allows you to automatically send emails to specific customer audiences depending on the actions they take. For example, if a customer clicks a specific link in an email, that customer will then automatically be added to a group within your CRM that receives a specific follow-up email. Similarly, if a customer doesn't click on the link, they'll be added to a different group and sent a different email. Ultimately, a CRM is the perfect, cost-effective way to stay close with your customers as you scale.

How to Work with Innovative Marketing Pro

Depending on your business, if you are an entreprenuer, business owner or course creator, coach or consultant, we have a IMP Plan For You!

We have a free 15 day trial for you, and you can get access to our Innovtive Marketing Pro Academy for a Free course to help with onboarding your Lead Generation, Sales Funnels and Customer Relationship Managment Systems.

The Innovative Marketing Pro helps automate the 4 variables of the Growth Formula. It helps automate lead generation, increase sales, helps improve your profit margins, and frequency your customers purchase.

The Top Customer Relationship Management Services in Florida and Georgia

In the world of business, results speak louder than words. We're proud to say that we've helped over 280 satisfied customers, accomplished over 730 successful projects, and helped our customers achieve an average conversion rate of 24%. When it comes to business development and customer value optimization, we're the best in the business — and that's our guarantee

How Much Do We Charge?

As previously mentioned, we believe no two businesses are the same; each business comes with its own set of challenges. For this reason, we don't use generalized pricing. Instead, we tailor our pricing to the individual depending on the problems they're looking to solve—and the specific services they need from us to solve those problems. Of course, we make sure you're completely aware of your costs at every step of the way.

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If you have ever wanted to learn how to automate your lead generation and sales funnels, the Innovative Marketing Pro can help you. We have a great support team and have the experience of not only building great funnels, but also with offer creation and communication automation after the sale has been made. Learn more with a 15 Day Trial.

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